Date: Saturday 26th September 2020

11am Division Events:                                                                      
Men's EightsWomen's FoursWomen's Quads
Open 8+Open 4-Open 4x-
U18 8+U18 4+U18 4x+
Masters 8+Masters 4-Masters 4x-

2pm Division Events:                                                                  
Women's EightsMen's FoursMen's Quads
Open 8+Open 4-Open 4x-
U18 8+U18 4+U18 4x+
Masters 8+Masters 4-Masters 4x-

U18 crews can be entered as club or school crews

U18 athletes will be eligible to race U18 and under for the 2020/2021 season 

U18 fours and quads are COXED, Masters and Open fours and quads are COXLESS

Open Category – any athlete, any age, any classification

Masters – Any athlete that is of Masters age (excepting coxswain)

Athletes can, and are encouraged to compete in both division 1 & 2

Athletes can only compete in one event per division i.e. in a four OR a quad 

Boats cannot be used twice in the SAME division

No racing licence is required for this event

Composite crews may compete but they must enter as one club i.e. they choose that the crew will be entered as “Acme Rowing Club” and if they win, the trophy goes back to Acme Rowing Club 

Trophies will be awarded to events with 3 or more entries. 

The Course

All boats will enter the water at the boat park at Mighty River Domain and proceed upstream and above the start line. There will be marshalls stationed at various intervals as you proceed upriver. All boats must be above the start and in start order, facing upstream before the first boat is started. Boats will marshall with number 1 boat closest to the start and the last number as the most upstream boat. Under marshalls instructions, boats will spin and paddle when told to do so. There will be approximately 15 second gaps between boats. Boats will race from Moana Road Reserve (by Becks Nurseries) downstream past Keely's Reserve and the pylons onto Lake Karapiro, with the finish line at the usual finish end of the 2km summer race course.