Rules of Racing

Race Day - Saturday 5 November 2022

These rules will be updated and published by 5 September 2022

1. All crews shall be allocated a number, which shall be prominently displayed by the crew throughout the race in the following ways: on the back of the bow rower; the back of the coxswain for stern-coxed boats and in the lane number holder. 

2. Crews will be mustered by queueing in order  

3. The Marshal will present the crews in number order.  

4. Crews will “row into it”, being at speed when they cross the start line. Consequently, it is important that crews stay well behind the start line, as per the Marshal’s instructions, so they can build up to speed before crossing it. 

5. Crews will be started in 15 second intervals with crews moving towards the start line as the previous crew crosses it. 

6. The Starter will start each crew with a call and start horn (if used) in the following way: “Number 1” ... “Go”(hooter), the “Go” being given as the crew approaches the line of the start. 

7. The timekeeper shall record the crew number and the time the crew passes the line of the start. 

8. Should the crews present themselves to the Starter out of order, the Starter shall take them in the order in which they come. Crews presenting out of sequence will accrue a 15 second penalty. 

9. Crews shall race against the clock to achieve the quickest time without causing harm, injury, or obstruction to any other crew or their equipment and conform to all rules whilst competing. 

10. Crews which are being passed may not “block” other crews by steering in their way. If they are deemed to do so, they will incur a 30 second penalty. 

11. In the event that one crew unfairly impedes another crew, there is contact between boats, or a crew fails to comply with a command from a race official, that crew shall be subject to a time penalty or maximum penalty of exclusion, to be decided by the race official at that time 

12. All crews will observe any warning given by a race official. Failure to comply may result in a time penalty up to exclusion from the race. 

13. The FINISH LINE will be ...... 

14. All boats will head to the north of the course (bow side) after crossing the finish line to cool down, then row into the “pontoons to take their boats off. 

15. The winners of the races will be the crews from each boat class which complete the course in the fastest time with any additional time penalties added on. 

16. Trophies will be awarded to the fastest crew in each event, providing there are three or more entries in the event.